Drop It In a Pocket

An icebreaker, wide, camp game for large groups

Also known as: The Peg

How To Play Drop It In a Pocket

Materials Needed

Random items

This is a great game that can be played over an entire event whether that is a night-time youth group event, a full day conference or even an entire youth camp.

Firstly - clearly designate some special items that will be used for the game. These items could be anything that can easily fit into someone's pocket or hood.

Secondly - clearly designate a time for check-ins or when the game will end. For a timed event, it could be a certain time and for a multi-day event, it could be check-ins at every meal time.

The way the game works is that the items will be in circulation and if you have an item you need to try to sneak it onto somebody else. If you don't notice that you have the item in one of your pockets and the check-in time arrives, when you go to check you'll need to reveal you've got it and you would "lose" - this could be doing a funny challenge up the front.

This game also works really well with a designated peg which needs to be attached to someone's clothing without them noticing.

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on 1 July 2023

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