Active sport team building games for large groups

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Three Ball Soccer

This is soccer. Soccer with not just one ball, not just two balls, but three balls! You'll need three...

team-building sports active large-groups indoors multiple-teams standard some-mess no-cost

Proper Dodgeball

The most popular game at our Youth Group (played just like in the movie 'dodgeball'). Two teams line up...

sports active team-building large-groups indoors multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost


Players are separated into equal teams and given their own colored flag-football flags which are worn around their waist....

wide team-building sports camp active large-groups play-anywhere multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost


The timeless classic game - dodgeball - requires little set up effort and is always a winner. There are...

team-building sports large-groups camp active play-anywhere multiple-teams quick no-mess no-cost

Matt Ball

The two bases are at opposite ends (much like the distance of a basketball court). Each base has one...

active camp large-groups small-groups sports team-building indoors multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost

Milk Jug Lacrosse

Each person has a milk jug. There are no boundaries set. Each team has a goal they are to...

active large-groups mini-olympics small-groups sports team-building wide indoors multiple-teams long no-mess no-cost

Action Netball

You get 2 chairs sitting on the opposite ends of the playing area. Then you separate your group into 2 teams....

wide team-building sports small-groups large-groups junior duel camp active outdoors multiple-teams standard no-mess no-cost

Atlas Shrugged

1. Split your group into 2-4 teams. Each team has a Frisbee and an end zone. 2. They start in the...

sports team-building camp large-groups active small-groups wide indoors multiple-teams standard some-mess no-cost

Poisonous stump

Want your friends to fall into the poison zone? Then this is the perfect game for you! Get ready...

sports team-building duel no-prep camp large-groups junior active circle small-groups wide indoors all-on-all standard no-mess under-20-dollars

Corner Spry Relay

Fast ball throwing action makes for a very competitive old-school relay

active large-groups team-building sports play-anywhere multiple-teams quick no-mess no-cost

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