Three Ball Soccer

An active team-building sports game for large groups

How To Play Three Ball Soccer

Materials Needed

Two goals, 3 different color balls

This is soccer. Soccer with not just one ball, not just two balls, but three balls! You'll need three balls, preferably all of a different colour. This game can be really useful to keep as many people involved as possible, especially making sure both genders get into it.

Set up a normal soccer playing field (of the right size for your group) with a goal at either end.

Simply divide everyone into even teams, with even guys/girls if possible.

One ball represents the guys only, another ball the girls, and the third ball is co-ed. Make sure the players are clear on which ball is for which group. If a player touches the wrong ball on purpose, you might want to pull them out of the game for a minute.

Of course this "three ball" game doesn't have to be restricted to soccer and could be done with netball, ultimate frisbee or AFL as well. Give it a try!

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on 19 September 2007


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Thanks...A great game! Teams have to set themselves up to defend both balls (Requires a bit of self-organisation but it's not that hard!).
We use a smaller 3rd ball (unisex) and it's worth 2pts for a goal vs. the other balls which are worth 1pt each.

Posted by Pete 2 years ago

I had the same question as Becky.
How do I defend my team if I can just touch the female's ball?
I'm still playing this game with my youth group, but everyone is going to be able to touch all the balls. :)

Posted by Nelly 4 years ago

Sounds fun, but how does the opposite team defend if they can't touch the ball?

Posted by Becky 6 years ago

Kind of excited to try this game out as well as other games on this website.

Posted by Stephanie 7 years ago

i tried the game at my youth group and it totally worked! thnx Shorty!

Posted by Sabrina 13 years ago

ahaha..... "In smaller rooms where kicking a ball is n't cool exchange them for a frisbee!" ...

Posted by Aaron 13 years ago

how on earth is this an inside game? this also works for outside if you want!

Posted by Mickey Mouse 14 years ago

Thanks for the tips on how to play some of the games.

Posted by Alinah Geia 14 years ago

Hey Liam, Strangely enough I'm actually really tall... dunno how I got this nickname :P I've actually never played this game so I don't know how well it will work, but I think you just basically get 2 teams going (having an even number of guys and girls on each team) and then you put three different coloured balls in the field. A blue one that ONLY the guys can kick, and PINK one only the girls can kick and a WHITE one that everyone can kick. There is an option to change the rules - so you could do this with any sort of ball sport, not just soccer. Does this make more sense?

Posted by Shorty 14 years ago

hay shorty (if i can call you that, don't worry i'm a short ass myself) can you explain the game a bit better i don't quite understand the game. thanks

Posted by liam 14 years ago

have fun

Posted by austin shirley 15 years ago
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