Proper Dodgeball

An active team-building sports game for large groups

How To Play Proper Dodgeball

Materials Needed

Some Balls to throw at each other

The most popular game at our Youth Group (played just like in the movie 'dodgeball').

Two teams line up opposite each other touching the wall. Line up some balls in the middle (4-6 of them). When you yell 'dodgeball', it's a race to get to the balls and start throwing them at each other.
- If you are hit by one, you're out and you leave the playing area (you can't be hit by a rebounding ball off the back wall)
- You can use the ball in your hand to deflect balls being thrown at you.
- If you catch someone elses throw, they're out, and you can bring one of your 'outed' team members back in.
- If you fumble while trying to catch, you're out.

Play continues until one whole team is out. Heaps of fun and heaps of energy burnt!

Some great variations;
- Doctors: Appoint a 'doctor' for each team. Then instead of leaving the playing area when you get hit, sit down. The doctor can get you back in by tagging you.
- Butt ball: If you deflect the ball with your butt the hit doesn't count.
- Ninja: Any deflections made whilst doing a 'ninja move' doesn't count (i.e. kick, karate chop - with sound effects of course).


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Paul Hodge
on 11 December 2008

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