An active, team-building, wide, camp game

How To Play Outpost

Materials Needed

flag football flags (two colors) and a somewhat big place to play. Also a leader with paper to write down points.

Players are separated into equal teams and given their own colored flag-football flags which are worn around their waist. The objective of the game is to get the other teams flags. Flags that do not have stars are worth 100 points, flags that have stars counts as 1000 points per star (people that have flags with stars are called generals and are usually hidden by their teammates each round to avoid the other team capturing them).

The game starts with one group in a room where they cannot see the other team while the other group is everywhere else. The people outside the room have a slight advantage since they can hide their generals first without worrying about the other team spotting them, also they can do a surprise attack on the other team (groups change starting positions each game). When the bell rings (or whatever you use to initiate and end the game) both teams are now allowed to go after the other team and hide their generals. When you get a flag off the opposing player you will both walk back to the place where a leader is keeping score and tell them how many points you got for your team color, and then return the flag to the other player and go off again getting flags and finding generals. The player who was captured and gets his flag back then counts to ten out loud and puts his flag back on(during this time no one can capture him, he has time to get away and rest)

Some notes to remember:

1. My church plays this in complete darkness at night to make it super fun. You can play it in the light of day but that's lame.

2. Make sure the flags are on the outside of their shirt and visible

3. This is an outside and inside game but i highly suggest just keeping it to one or the other unless you have a smaller church or have a lot of people.

4. Make sure to make clear where is off limits before you play to make things less confusing later.

5. HAVE FUN! Remind players not to take this game to seriously and be gentle since this is a somewhat physical activity.


Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Fellowship

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