Atlas Shrugged

An active, team-building, wide game for small groups

How To Play Atlas Shrugged

Materials Needed

Frisbee or Ball
Pylons or other material to indicate an end zone.

1. Split your group into 2-4 teams. Each team has a Frisbee and an end zone.
2. They start in the opposite teams end zone and are trying to get the Frisbee to their own end zone. They do this by throwing it one person at a time.
3. Both teams spread out evenly across the gym. The person who starts with a Frisbee calls out a team mates name and that person gets prepared to catch it. This is the only time a person can move, once their name is said to catch the Frisbee.
4. Once they catch the Frisbee they plant their feet and throw to another team mate. If the Frisbee is dropped the team must restart with the very first person, but can then switch up positions/order. Every person on the team must get a chance with the Frisbee.
5. The opposing team can knock the Frisbee out of the air, if they want too.
6. Once the Frisbee gets to the end zone that team gets a point and they restart the same way they would if they dropped the Frisbee.
If it is to challenging to throw the Frisbee use a ball instead.


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on 13 March 2020

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