Corner Spry Relay

An active team-building sports game for large groups

How To Play Corner Spry Relay

Materials Needed

One ball for each team
One marker/cone for person

For each team that is playing, you'll need to lay out a set of markers. Place the first marker anywhere. Then 2-3 metres back, evenly spread out all the other markers in a semi-circle around the central marker. Once the teams are ready, each member must stand at a marker with the person on the central marker holding the ball.

When the race begins, the central player must throw the ball to the first player in the semi-circle and then that player will throw it directly back to the central player. This continues all the way around the semi-circle. If someone drops the ball, they must run to get it, then return to their spot to try again and continue on. Once the ball reaches the last player in the semi-circle, all players must rotate around - so the player with the ball becomes the new central thrower, and the other players all move around one spot.

The team that completes a full rotation around (with everyone back in their original spots) first wins the race!

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on 13 June 2021

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