Matt Ball

An active, team-building, camp game for small groups

How To Play Matt Ball

Materials Needed

2 bases; some type of bouncing ball (kickball; basketball; etc)

The two bases are at opposite ends (much like the distance of a basketball court). Each base has one person on it representing his team. Each team must get their ball to their team member on the matt. They must bounce the ball. You can incorporate 3 dribbles, but it isn’t a must. Points are scored when the guy on the matt catches the ball for his team. This game can be played for 25 minutes. Fouls can be called by the game director.

Added by
Sam Lavender
on 28 March 2017


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The rules very not very clear. Please, elaborate.

Posted by Cristian Mohr 3 years ago

Sounds like it is a version of basketball. Love it!! Thinking of using the crash matts for this one.

Posted by Michelle 4 years ago

Once a team scores You could just hand the other team the ball and head the other way.

Posted by Sam 5 years ago

No idea how to play this.

Posted by Fortnite guy 5 years ago

Do you have innnings? How do you switch teams? Three misses and its the other teams go? Do the people waiting have any job or do they just watch?

Posted by Anonymous 6 years ago
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