Top ten icebreaker games for big groups

Finding good ice breaker games that work well with big groups of people can be challenging which is why we've put together a list of the top ten icebreakers to play with big groups.

These will work well for youth groups, camps, corporate events - or anywhere where you need to get a big bunch of people moving around and mingling.

We've chosen each ice breaker group game thinking generally about a few things - how easy it is to run with a large group (ie. 50 or more people), how easy it would be for people who don't know each other to play and how fun the ice breaker game is.

10. Mingle Mingle Mingle

Again, if you're up for some chaos with your big group then this is another great ice breaker game for you. Players need to continually repeat an answer to a question about themselves and find other people who are answering the same thing.

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9. Shoe Shuffle

Chaos is the word that comes to mind for this one - so if you're up for some chaos (are you probably are if you're running activities for a big group event) then check this game out. Involves all the players removing a shoe, putting on another one and then trying to form a patterned line!

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8. Snowball Fight

Quite a recent entry onto the youth group games website, this one requires a bit of preparation before hand (organising a sheet of paper and a pen for each person playing) but provides a really good pay off. I love games that are a whole lot of fun, but also help kids interact with each other. Snowball Fight does just this, and it does it really well.

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7. Speed Dating With a Twist

Exactly as the name suggests, this one is pretty straight forward which is why it works well with large youth groups. Divide the group into two circles, lines or any sort of formation and then get the kids to talk to each using a provided question.

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6. Mute Organisation

Depending on just how large your group is, this big group ice breaker activity might take a while to complete but it would be a really interesting and eye-opening process. Everyone in the group works together to arrange themselves in the correct order (birthday, age, surname etc.) but they must do it without making a noise. Now, this game might be tough to enforce for a bunch of teenagers, but I doesn't require a perfect silence to achieve the result. Definitely wouldn't be my first choice for a big group ice breaker game, but I think it could work really well with the right group of people playing.

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5. Slap Wrestling

This one is for a group who is up for a challenge and isn't afraid to be a little bit competitive. Not as violet as the name suggestions, it's more like "Push Wrestling" really, it gets players to face off a quick elimination game of wits and mingle around until there's a clear winner. A definite favourite big group game of mine that always provides a few laughs.

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4. Circle Untangle

Imagine hundreds of people all holding hands in a giant tangled knot working as a team to form a completeley untangled circle. That's right - sounds like a whole lot of fun. This icebreaker game is sure to break the ice with a big group as it gets everyone involved and helps everyone be aware of the people around them and work as a team.

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3. Mix & Mingle

This is a great quick one to play which gets the group moving, gets their brains into gear and also provides an opportunity for individuals to get to know one another. Can be followed nicely with a talk or theme about how everyone is different but we're all part of the same body. Highly recommend this youth group ice breaker game for big groups!

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2. True False Run

Another one that sits at the top of the list for obvious reasons - it's simple, easy to explain, interesting and works well for any sized group. Doesn't have to involve the running part if your group is less actively inclinced. Be sure to prepare some interesting true/false questions and maybe a good prize for the winner.

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1. Celebrity Head Mania

This ice breaker game gets to the top of the list with great ease. It's one that can work with a massive group and does really well at getting everyone involved. We're talking stacks of people with a celebrities name written on their back, moving around the group and asking people "yes or no" questions about who they are. Creates many funny moments for all involved and provides a good thinking challenge to get people's brains in the mood. The only negative is that you'll need a big bunch of stickey labels or sticky tape along with pens or textas so everyone can have a name written on their back.

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