Snowball Fight

An active, relaxed, icebreaker game for small groups

How To Play Snowball Fight

Materials Needed

paper, pens

This is a great fun get to know you game. It works well as an ice breaker game and it really quick to play. Also works for both big groups and small groups.

Hand out a piece of paper and a pen to each person playing. They then need to write down three facts about themselves - they can be simple and straightforward, or more obscure. Once they have finished, get them to scrunch up the piece of paper into a "snowball".

The next stage of the game is the snowball fight. Kids can throw the paper balls at each other from across the room. This can go on for as long or as short as you'd like.

Once you're ready, call out "stop" and get each kid to pick up the nearest piece of paper to them. They then need to un-scrunch it and read the three interesting facts then go around the room trying to find the person the facts match up to. It can be done as a race (ie. first person to find their person wins) or just as a general mixer. An optional extra could be to ask the kids what the most interesting facts were.


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As an option to include those who may not be able to write, you could say that students can 'choose to be cryptic' in their clue allow them to draw a picture of something they love or are into eg. motorbike, Nike tick.

Posted by Dale Lawrence 4 years ago

If you have other adults to assist, make sure the students wrote legibly. It was difficult for some of the students to read each others handwriting. It was lots of fun. We had 17 kids in attendance.

Posted by Cathy 5 years ago

I played this with grade 9/10 students and wrote down 1 fact on two pieces of paper, so each person threw 2 and collected 2. I also gave points for hitting an opposition player (5 points deducted if you hit them in the face). It then made it also into a group team game

Posted by BJ 7 years ago

I played this game on my first day of school in fifth grade.
We changed one thing though. Instead of listing down THREE facts, we listed down ONE fact. So the game would go faster.
But, I obviously LOVE this game. It's simple, and doesn't hurt much.

Posted by Kat 10 years ago
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