Mute Organisation

A team-building relaxed icebreaker no prep game

How To Play Mute Organisation

Simply announce that you want everyone lined up across the room by birth-date. Only catch: no talking. Once they are all lined up, ask certain people their birthdays just to be sure.

You can have them do the same thing, but by shoe size, height, month of birthday, etc.


Give everyone a number. They have to arrange themselves in numerical order by communicating with each other without speaking or holding up fingers. They make up their own sub-language or sign-language.

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on 8 July 2008


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Such a great game!! worth a play!

Posted by ab 3 years ago

Love this website!!

Thank you for putting together!

Posted by Cherie 4 years ago

great idea

Posted by Cory 5 years ago

This sounds like a fun game and I like it thank you

Posted by Ernest 5 years ago

At our church senior citizen lunch we started with oldest person in the room. The second person had to go to his left if he thought he was younger or to the right if he thought he was older. Every one after that had to decide where he thought he would go in the line.

Posted by Marie 6 years ago

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Posted by Sharon 6 years ago

I think this is the one for me!

Posted by Tiffanee Owens 9 years ago

This website has been so helpful.Its hard to find different games from the usual games that the kids get bored of very easily.

Posted by Chris Joseph 15 years ago
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