Shoe Shuffle

A team-building, relaxed, icebreaker game for large groups

How To Play Shoe Shuffle

Get the group to take off their right shoe. Then throw all the shoes in a big pile in the middle of the room.

Tell everyone from the group to grab a random shoe from the pile and put it on their spare foot.

Now the aim of the game is to create some sort of line with all the shoes matching up. So I must find the player wearing the other shoe of my original pair and stand next to them, with my left foot flushed to their right foot. And so on, until the whole group is sorted!


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on 19 January 2008


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Athlete's foot anyone?

Posted by Hank VanEgmond 6 years ago

I have played a fun game very similar to this, where both shoes are taken off and all the shoes are shuffled in the middle. Then everyone runs to the middle and tries to find both their shoes and put them on and run back to a designated area. The first person to get back to the designated area with both shoes on wins!

Posted by Jathan 6 years ago

I think this game might be more suited towards a guys/girls only night. Also depends on the youth group.

Posted by Curtis 7 years ago

I don't think this game is a good game. You have to put on somebody else's shoes. Your feet may be bigger than someone else's. No offence, but some teenage guy's would probably shove their feet into a shoes two sizes to small. Just not a good idea.

Posted by Annalea 9 years ago

Hello hello! OMG this sounds great I will use the game with my youth gruop! Thank you for sharing the game *.*

Posted by MARYan 9 years ago

This is just pure fun! Just had it earlier in the youth fellowship for an ice breaker. It didn't actually matter if they made a big circle or not. (altho at the third round they did because I mixed it up so well in the middle and gave about only 10 seconds for them to pick up one.) It was awesome how much they tried so hard to match the pair that some even had to lie down the floor while some simply just twisted their feet around to match another person's. They looked like ballroom dancers in pause. This one I really recommend.

On the other side, some young people are not so comfortable allowing their shoes to be worn by others, but then again, in games and as a christian family, no one should be killjoy. so yeah! have fun in your fellowship!

Posted by Joanna 11 years ago

eww who would wear somebody elses shoe?
they could have tinia!

Posted by ella 11 years ago

yeah thats a good idea i might do that tonight

Posted by Bob 12 years ago

i think this game would be better with a time limit like doing it under 2mins :)

Posted by lucy 13 years ago

i've played this game at our youth before and its HEAPS of fun :D
thanks for reminding me!

Posted by cinta 13 years ago

I agree with Sarah.
This game would definatly make some people feel awkward and that's just no good at a youth group or anywhere.

Posted by Martin 13 years ago

when I was in youth group, we played this game, and I HATED IT! It can be embarrassing for kids who can't afford nice shoes, have bigger than average feet, or even odor problems that wouldn't be noticed if their shoes were not removed. I don't recommend it.

Posted by Sarah 13 years ago

Hahahaha that sounds awesome! I can just imagine it now. I will deffinatly do this with my youth group on nights that there are enough kids. thanks shorty!

Posted by Peta 13 years ago

Good point Shorty! John, nothing personal (^_^)

Posted by Ryan 14 years ago

John, there is always a chance a game may not work out perfectly. It's all part of the fun to see how well (or not) it works out. If two people have each other's shoes then I guess we can just add them onto the line somewhere - maybe to fill in a gap.

Posted by Shorty 14 years ago

trust me, this will not work out. It will not end up in a line or even a circle. You may have two people with each other's shoe!

Posted by john 14 years ago
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