Circle Untangle

An active, team-building, icebreaker game for junior youth

Also known as: The Human Knot

How To Play Circle Untangle

Materials Needed

Relatively large space, hands

This is an all time classic icebreaker game!

Everyone stands in a big circle and then grabs onto two different peoples hands (not the people standing on either side of them).

Once everyone is holding onto two other peoples hands then the aim is to work together to untangle the circle.

Depending on how many people you have this can take a long time or can be completed very quickly.


Working together as one


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on 14 June 2010


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I absolutely love this game one of my teachers taught me this game and I love it it's so fun especially with bigger groups you can divide a big group into smaller groups and then play this game with other groups of 4 or 8 and so on

Posted by Deborah-jay 5 years ago

This Icebreaker is great!

Posted by Irene 6 years ago

You grab the hands of anyone but the people next to you, so that everyone's hands are tangled together.

Posted by PhilUK 10 years ago

This game is even funnier and takes even longer if every third person is blindfolded!!

Posted by Courtney 11 years ago

The following site gives specific directions for how to do this fun activity:

Posted by Kelly 12 years ago

It makes no sense? Explain

Posted by Eddie 12 years ago

Please explain how this game works??? Who's hands do you grab and how if it's not the person next to you. If you're standing in a circle???

Posted by Eddie 12 years ago

I love this game could not tell you hom many times i have played it. Works well with groups who don't know a lot of people or are just really shy.

Posted by Joshua Dillon 13 years ago
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