Slap Wrestling

A relaxed, icebreaker, duel, sports game

How To Play Slap Wrestling

Two people stand facing each other with about a shoulder's span between them and thier feet together. They must try to make the other player move thier feet by slapping thier opponent's hands only. (touching anywhere else, moving feet, falling, interfering means disqualification and firing squad)

Good tactics are to push thier hands and then pull yours back so that they can't push you. Also you can pull hands back suddenly when they atack so they fall forward.

Added by
Nick van Ruth
on 23 November 2007


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great game!

Posted by Maiumi 4 years ago

Spelling does not matter when you are having fun!

Posted by onealdkf 4 years ago

Bad spelling

Posted by Alexa 5 years ago

You should call it Kangaroo fighting! lol

Posted by Shaelyn Melnyk 5 years ago

It's "It's," not its. Great game!

Posted by Shawn Clark 5 years ago

The person judging this guys typo is a jerk. They made a mistake themselves, saying Their. Not their. ITS THEIR NOT THIER

Posted by Ethan 5 years ago

Fun game!

Posted by Alexus 5 years ago

What do you mean by, "shoulders span?" Anyways, great game. I enjoyed this very much so.

Posted by I stole your cookies 5 years ago

So boring, but I'm addicted !

Posted by Joyce her 5 years ago

Whoever wrote this does NOT know how to spell!

Posted by King 5 years ago

This is a great game to kill time! Slapping hands is not the best way to describe it. I usually have kids stand toe to toe and hold their hands up in front of their chest so they are almost touching the other person's hands. The object is to make the other person step backwards, but they can only touch each other's hands. It really is more difficult than it seems, unless you have no balance like me!

Posted by Mo 6 years ago

We are doing this at our youth group on Sunday!

Posted by Zoe 6 years ago


Posted by KK 6 years ago

Their...not their

Posted by Lockie 7 years ago

Supperb game

Posted by STEPHEN 7 years ago

Boring but the best thing about it was pushing my friends over

Posted by Miracle 7 years ago

So so cool :)

Posted by Tofoi 7 years ago

So fun!

Posted by Lola 9 years ago

you ok

Posted by kelly kelly 13 years ago
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