Celebrity Head Mania

A relaxed icebreaker game for large groups

How To Play Celebrity Head Mania

Materials Needed

sticky labels, pen

Grab a whole bunch of sticky labels or masking tape and write the names of celebrities on the non-sticky side. Then, without showing them the name, stick a label on the back of each person in your youth group.

Get everyone to mingle around and ask other players "yes or no" questions about who they are - so something like celebrity heads. Only 1 question can be asked to another player at a time. It's basically an easy way to get kids to mingle with each other.

Once a player thinks they have solved it, they can tell anyone who they think they are and if they are correct they can remove their sticky label and go and relax. First player to guess their person wins!

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on 22 December 2007


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I am the leader of the Christian club at my school an d this website helps me come up with games to waist time so I just want to say thank you

Posted by Fhfgyfgg 5 years ago

this is an excellent game. it can be done by using the names of birds and animal names. each participant after identifying the names can be asked to explain about it

Posted by PRASANTH P 6 years ago

i lovethis game lol

Posted by lanii 9 years ago

This game is fantastic. It worked really well with a bunch of creative 14-15 year olds. The way that I've always played this is to get post-it notes, give one to each person, tell them to write a name or object on it that is guessable, and give it to the person on their left. In the second and third 'rounds' of this, the youth group I was leading got really good and began to write down things like "A post-it note", "Me", and even the name of one of the kids in the youth group.

Posted by TR 10 years ago

this game sounds really awsome im going to try it next week at our youth gathering will let u all no how it goes thanku.

Posted by veronica 12 years ago

i love this game

Posted by shirley22 13 years ago

I used this game as a way to divide people for the next game. Basically the famous people I used broke down into three categories - fictional characters, Bible characters, and celebrities. Once everyone found out what they were they had to go to a designated area for their category. Their new team was randomly put together so I didn't have to worry about people always ending up on the same team.

Posted by Tom 15 years ago

I have used this game with Christmas songs, cartoon characters, People from the Bible, imaginary diseases, stereotypes/cliques, and movie titles. The possibilities are endless. I love tying games into a message, and this would be great for a lesson on any type of list, such as Gifts of the Spirit, Armour of God, Spiritual Gifts, and so on (but I recommend only using one of these once all of the youth have had a chance to learn about these, otherwise it could feel very exclusive to a new face).

Posted by KennyT 15 years ago

A terrific game. I also used it at another get together and it went over very very well with adults also.

Posted by Frances 15 years ago
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