Invisible Ink

A relaxed, drama game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Invisible Ink

This game works exactly like Pictionary except you don't need any paper or pens - just your hand! Because of this, it's a great game that can be played pretty much anywhere - whether you're waiting in a long queue at the airport with your family, going on a road trip with friends or at a scout meet!

The best way to play this in a large group is to break the group up into teams. Teams must designate a player to be the first drawer. The would head over to a leader with a list of words and see the first word. They'll go back to their team and try to draw the word in the "invisible ink" - just using their hand in the air - and their team must guess. Once someone has guessed correctly, they race up to the leader and tell them the word they just guessed and the leader will show them the next word. This continues until a team has guessed all words correctly.

It goes without saying that the drawer cannot speak or point to actual objects in the playing area.

If you're just playing with a friend or family members, then you can just make up the words as you go!

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on 1 July 2023

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