Lego Brick Testament Bible Story

A relaxed duel artistic game for junior youth

How To Play Lego Brick Testament Bible Story

Materials Needed

Printed copies of the relevant photos from

1. Find the story or book of the Bible you want to teach to your group at The site has great Lego images which most people find entertaining in themselves. (Warning ... some images, although made from Lego and accurate to the text, are sexual in nature).

2. Copy and paste the relevant images into a document with one image per page. I did the book of Exodus and used 25 images for a group of 10 people. That was probably too many images but was enough to convey the key events.

3. Randomly hand out the pages to each member of the group.

4. Go around in a circle asking each person to put their photo down in the correct position.

5. If they get the position right then they can be rewarded with a prize (a lolly say). If they get it wrong then the leader gets the reward :)

6. Frequently through the game take the time to explain the story as it is unfolding.

7. At the end of the game get the kids to explain each image of the story.

Added by
Andrew Rogers
on 1 August 2008


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So . . . mission accomplished? The Brick Testament was made to mock Christianity and put our scripture to shame, and they did a wonderful job of it. It has the artistry of a golden calf. Judging by the comments here, the author's intent hardly matters, because cultural Christians have become indistinguishable from their secular counterparts. You have God's logo on your shirts, your bracelets, you own the home edition of the popular game, and root for the winning team, so by all means, this is a perfect utility for further trivializing God's word. Whereas Jewish children learn Hebrew to read the Torah in its native tongue, we build up a pop culture mythology to reinforce the Biblical illiteracy endemic to our faith. As Andrew Rogers pointed out above, Christian children know more about Star Wars than the Bible, but at least appropriating secular culture keeps their attention and makes for good entertainment. We should be handing out millstones and life jackets to the youth ministers (not a Star Wars reference).

Posted by Rudnick Elderwine 5 years ago

Good discussion

Posted by Name 12 years ago

I made a slide show from one of the stories to help keep the kids attention while we read through a somewhat difficult section of the Bible. I did edit some of the text though.

Posted by Stuart 13 years ago

Well put Alyce :) I used them again last week to good effect. This time i just told a Bible story and as i got to each scene i gave the next child in the circle the image. It really helped keep their attention. They were all keen to see what the next picture was going to be and try to work out exactly what it meant. And of course they wanted to know why the key character looked like Luke Skywalker.

Posted by Andrew Rogers 14 years ago

I love the idea of taking something that was meant to mock our faith and instead using it to strengthen us and teach our youth about God! Sucked in to the "rev", even his attempts at blasphemous crap can be turned around and used to glorify God! Ha!

Posted by Alyce 14 years ago

Yea, you need to choose the images carefully. And yes, the creator is by no means Christian. The vast majority of the images however are done really well and are free to use in the way described above.

Posted by Andrew Rogers 14 years ago

While a great game idea, PLEASE DO NOT use pictures from!! I have visited the website and was seriously disturbed by the mocking and blasphemous way the photos have been done and the comments made on the website. The lego artist who calls himself "reverend" is actually an atheist out to dishonor our almighty God!

Posted by Your sister in Christ 14 years ago

Hey this is a great game!! You could even divide the youth into two teams... and make them answer questions at the end of the story. Questions could include 'is this story in the new or old testament?' 'what colour was God's beard?' etc. The team that gets more q's right wins!!

Posted by Foxey 15 years ago
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