Poetry in Motion

A relaxed, icebreaker, circle game for junior youth

How To Play Poetry in Motion

Materials Needed

paper and pens

This is a nice quiet activity when you've got a small cozy group and have some time to kill. Organize people into a circle or around a table. Give each person a sheet of paper and a writing utensil.

Have every one write the first line to a poem at the top of the page. Then pass the page to the person on their right. That person reads the first line then writes a second line to it. That person must then fold the paper back to hide the first line from view, so that only the second line shows. The poets pass their papers to their right again.

Each time they get the paper and write a new line, they should fold back the previous line out of view. This continues until you run out of room.

The end result should be a strip of folded paper. Then have everyone open the paper in their possession and take turns reading. The poems usually turn out pretty absurd, but sometimes it's amazing how cohesive they can be.

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on 27 May 2008


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I'm going to use this format for the youth group to send a letter to our college freshman who graduated last year

Posted by Erik 9 months ago

This game is like a game from the sabrina secrets book...instead of a poen u can write 3 lines of somethg and leav one line showing! Really fun :)

Posted by Chazzy 11 years ago

this sounds like fun. i am going to try it.

Posted by kyle 13 years ago

We played this and it was a lot of fun. Some great poems were written!

Posted by Jeff 13 years ago

This is a great game! You can also play a drawing version;
Fold an A3 piece of paper into thirds then start by drawing a head, fold it over so the head is no longer visable then pass it to the next person who draws a body. Then they fold it over and the final person draws legs and feet. Make sure that when the person is finished drawing they mark the neck and waist/legs beginning on the flip side of the paper so in the end it looks natural and in purpotion. Just to make things different you don't have to just draw humans, why not try a monster body or bird feet.

Posted by Eilish 13 years ago

This sounds really interesting. I would like to try this.

Posted by Khristina 14 years ago

This game is brilliant! I played it once at my highschool youth group and it was just hilarious! We wrote stories instead of poems and chose a word (or letter) that everybody had to start with when they began writing a small paragraph of the story...it was sooo funny, we couldn't stop giggling the whole way through...haha...

Posted by Carolyn 15 years ago
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