Triple Trouble

An active sports game

How To Play Triple Trouble

Materials Needed

Three dodgeballs

This game is a variation on Dodgeball, with no teams.

Three players begin the game holding dodgeballs. They call out "Triple Trouble", throw their balls straight up into the air and catch them to begin the game.

Everyone may run around as much as they want within the limits of the playing field, except for players holding the balls, and try not to get hit.

Players with balls must stand in one place use their balls to block or throw. If they throw a ball and make legitimate contact, the player hit is out, and the ball is free for anyone to pick up. If the ball is thrown and caught, the thrower is out, the catcher now has the ball. If a player throws the ball, but does not make contact, the ball is free for anyone to pick up.

Your own house version of rules apply. I usually call head-shots invalid, and call no bouncing before a hit.

Players can not reenter a game in progress, the last three win and become "Triple Trouble" in the next round. Play till the youth start to get bored.


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on 8 May 2009

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One way to make this game last longer/more interesting....

Once a person gets out, he/she watches the person who got them out very closely. When that person gets out, everybody whom they eliminated comes back in...

Example: George gets Amy, Steve, and Jerry out. Then Andy eliminates George. When that happens, Amy, Steve, and Jerry all get to come back in.

This makes it so that the only way to win is to get every other person out....

Posted by Brian Boucek 13 years ago
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