Dodgeball Crossover

An active, wide, sports game for junior youth

Also known as: Dodgeball Red Rover

How To Play Dodgeball Crossover

Materials Needed

Rubber balls size of basketballs.
Large fitness balls for grass dodge crossover

A large area the size of a basketball court is the best for this game. Have two or three leaders line up parallel to each other on either side of the court. The children then have to run from one end of the court to the other dodging the balls being thrown across by leaders. When you get hit by the ball you join the leaders on the sides and help get the others out. Normal rubber balls are good for this game and is suggested for younger kids. Our only rule is if you get hit in the head you can keep playing otherwise you are out. Also if the kids are just not getting out have a leader run around the whole court tagging any staying at each end and not crossing over. The large fitness balls are great however we recommend it played on grass as some kids can get a bit airborne when hit a close range with these big balls.


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on 29 June 2009

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You could totally do this using water bombs instead of rubber balls. When you get hit, you're out!

Posted by Anna 12 years ago
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