Marshmallow Dodgeball

An active food game

How To Play Marshmallow Dodgeball

Materials Needed

Bag of Marshmallows - You can get them covered in cornstarch.

Marshmallow dodgeball is a variant of the dodgeball rules. It's best if the kids wear dark coloured clothing. When you throw a starch covered marshmallow it leaves a white powdered spot. (Meaning it's really easy to tell if you're out!) It's almost as fun as a food fight. My kids loved it. We played in our youth room, where you can run and hide behind objects.


Added by
Pastor C
on 17 September 2008


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Waste of food? That's what they said about the perfume that was poured on Jesus' feet...I think students having fun is worth the marshmallows :-)
...just sayin'

Posted by kevin 9 years ago

Waste of food if you ask me...

Posted by 11 years ago

Waste of food if u am me...

Posted by 11 years ago

Will give it a go at our youth group

Posted by 12 years ago

that sounds like a great game!

Posted by 12 years ago

great idea especially the fact you can have a game after it called fluffy bunny

Posted by shaun 15 years ago
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