An active, icebreaker, wide, duel game

How To Play Sprouts

Materials Needed

Five (or any number of) foam balls

This epic twist on dodgeball is best played with a fairly large group. It's great to use as an icebreaker because there is almost never an official winner; kids just keep playing it until they get tired.

1) A facilitator throws the five balls into the air. The players can either rush up to grab them or cower in a corner in preparation for the approaching carnage.

2) Basically, the game turns into a round of all-on-all dodgeball. (In other words, madness ensues.) Whenever somebody is tagged by a ball, they must sit down on the spot they were tagged.

3) Here's the catch: Whenever the person who got them out gets out themselves, the person who was originally out is back in. (Say that ten times fast.) Summary: Tagger tags two people, tagger gets tagged, two people are back in.

4) Just keep playing until everybody is exhausted. You can try to set up a prize, but with large groups, there is a very low chance that no one person will be victorious.

Check out the original rules for dodgeball here.

Have fun!


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Great game! We play it with our group of about 30 and they absolutely love it. We call it Zombie ball.

Posted by Stephen 7 years ago

great game, tonnes of fun, our youth group has been playing this for years only we call it insanity-ball.

Posted by Gordon Nichols 7 years ago
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