Revolving Dodgeball

An active game for small groups

How To Play Revolving Dodgeball

Materials Needed

4-8 Dodgeballs, 4-16 teenagers, tape or some kind of boundary-making material

1. Divide the playing area into a circle of 4 equal triangles (An AWANA circle layout to divide the gym into 4 triangles works very well)

2. Divide your group into 4 equal teams of guys and girls

3. Insert a team into each triangle section of the playing area. Each team will need to stay in their section during gameplay.

4. Give each team 1 or 2 balls (or as many as you desire)

5. Regular "Dodgeball" game rules apply.

6. The last team standing wins, and the teams can rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise between each round.

7. Be sure each team stays within their section of the playing area.

Enjoy! (I have not tried this game outside, but I'm sure it would work well there too)


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on 20 October 2011

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