Simon says variations

Different ways to play Simon Says

Simon Says is an all-time favourite simple kids game where one players gives simple tasks for the group to do and must try to trick them into doing "invalid" tasks by not prefacing it with "Simon says...".

The basic game mechanics can be seen in lots of similar games so we've put together a resource of instructional elimination games that are similar to Simon Says. Usually a designated player or leader will give instructions, and then the rest of the group must complete the instructions as quickly as possible or risk being eliminated.

Captain's Orders

This game is excellent for a competitive group. It tires everyone out really quickly and can provide a good...

drama camp active large-groups no-prep video-call non-contact play-anywhere cooperative quick no-mess no-cost hot-topic

Jockeys Up

1. Tell the group to get into pairs, preferably with a person who has a similar height/weight to them. 2....

icebreakers active large-groups circle no-prep indoors cooperative quick no-mess no-cost

In The Tomb, Out of the Tomb

Draw a long line using yarn or masking tape. Have the children line up in a straight line facing...

junior relaxed large-groups no-prep play-anywhere all-on-all standard no-mess no-cost


For medium size to large groups indoor or out. Use tape to create large boxes on the floor or...

junior icebreakers active large-groups video-call play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

In The River

All you need is a straight line - like a rope or a hose or a line on a...

junior duel relaxed active large-groups no-prep non-contact play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

Monsters inc. (sully says)

Works very similar to Simon says or just as a fun way of keeping everyone warm without the sully...

active drama icebreakers junior large-groups memory small-groups team-building non-contact indoors all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

Santa's Coming!

One person is Santa - and chooses an action for the rest of the group to follow. Santa calls...

junior active indoors cooperative standard no-mess no-cost

Simon Says

Simon Says is a kids game usually played with three or more people. One person is nominated to be...

small-groups active junior no-prep video-call non-contact play-anywhere all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

If I Were A Butterfly

This is the game version of the popular children's song "If I Were a Butterfly" and is a variation...

music no-prep large-groups junior active small-groups icebreakers indoors all-on-all quick no-mess no-cost

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