If I Were A Butterfly

An active, icebreaker game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play If I Were A Butterfly

This is the game version of the popular children's song "If I Were a Butterfly" and is a variation of the Simon Says game.

Firstly, remind all the players of the animals and their associated actions. We've listed these below the game description.

To start the game, the leader needs to say an animal name and all the players must do the action for that animal as quickly as possible. The player who is slowest to do the action, or who does the wrong action, would be eliminated. This keeps going until there is only one remaining player - they are the winner! The leader will often start slowly and then get faster and faster in their calling out of the animal names.


1. For younger children playing this game, you may not want to eliminate kids from playing. You could just keep playing with all of them.

2. Try playing a "Simon Says variation" where if you say a phrase before the animal name, it's a valid action to repeat. But if you don't say the phrase, then the kids shouldn't copy the action. The phrase could be "If I were a..." or "God created...".

3. The leader can call out the animal name and perform a different action to trick the kids.

4. Towards the end of the game, the leader could start calling out combo animal names and see what combo-actions the players come up with.


Butterfly - arms or hands as flapping wings
Robin - hand singing
Fish - hands together swishing back and forth
Elephant - waving arm like a trunk
Kangaroo - arms together in front like paws, jumping on the spot
Octopus - arms and legs flapping everywhere
Worm - one finger wiggling
Bear - fuzzing up your hair/arms OR hands up next to face roaring
Crocodile - arms outstretched and snapping together
(Make up more of your own!)


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