Santa's Coming!

An active game for junior youth

How To Play Santa's Coming!

One person is Santa - and chooses an action for the rest of the group to follow. Santa calls out actions in a random order. Command one and two usually go follow in that sequence, but Santa can insert another command to catch a player off guard. The same holds true of command three and four. The quicker the commands, the more fun it is to play and to watch. You can play this game as an elimination game, with the last person to perform the action or if they do the wrong action, they are out until the next round of play.

Basic Commands:
1. Santa's coming - freeze and cover your eyes so that you can't see the jolly elf. No one can move again until the "he's gone" command is given.
2. He's gone - you can move and uncover your eyes.
3. Go to sleep - fall to the ground and snore. No one can move again until the "It's Christmas morning" command is given.
4. It's Christmas morning - stand up
5. North Pole - designate one end of your room as the North Pole. At this command, all the students run to touch that wall.
6. South Pole - the opposite end of the room, same action as above.

Partner or group commands:
7. Sleigh Ride - get in a line of 4 people, yell "giddy up"
8. Christmas Dinner - a group of three on the floor in a circle miming eating
9. Look for Rudolph - one player knees on floor, the other has one foot on their back, and hand over the eyes

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Dari Hartmann
on 19 December 2018

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