In The Tomb, Out of the Tomb

A relaxed no prep game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play In The Tomb, Out of the Tomb

Draw a long line using yarn or masking tape. Have the children line up in a straight line facing the leader on the right side of the line. The right side of the line is called "In the tomb" and the left side of the line is named "out of the tomb". The leader yells "out of the tomb or in the tomb". Upon hearing the command the children jump from one side to the other. If the children jump in the wrong direction or don't jump to the other side when it's a vaild command they are out of the game. The last player in wins the game. The leader will try and get the players to miss jump by pointing to one side as they yell to jump to the opposite side or by repeating the same side and/or changing the pace.


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on 24 October 2007
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We call this game "Rivers/Banks". This adds the optional feature of calling landing one foot either side of the line when "Bridge" is called.
It works from five year-olds up to twenty-five.

Also, we play you must JUMP. Both feet must leave the ground together and land together.

Posted by wolfling366 3 years ago

This game absolutely won my youth church group over. I used this for a group of yr 4-7's and they couldn't get enough of it...even though it was so simple!

Along the way we made a few alterations which worked quite well- I changed it to in the sea, out of the sea and made the 'line' in the boat.

Not sure how well it would work for an older age group, but I think a bit of tweaking could make it a good game for older kids too.

Posted by Samara 16 years ago
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