An active, icebreaker game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Poopdeck

For medium size to large groups indoor or out. Use tape to create large boxes on the floor or ground. Each of these boxes is a deck. Students gather in one of these decks -- the poopdeck, quarterdeck and halfdeck.

The leader calls out a "deck" and all the students move to the deck called out. The last student into the deck is out of the game. The game continues until two students are left.

To make the game more exciting you can add your own "decks". We have a balcony in our high school room so we use the "upper deck"--radical! Students falling all over themselves up the stairs.

You can yell out commands too instead of moving them to another "deck." -- like "hit the deck" (everyone goes face down, last one down is out)... "swab the deck" (everyone on their knees)... very, very fun. Be creative!


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on 19 January 2008
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We play a similar game called 4 corners but the caller has their eyes closed and everyone picks their corner to run to and when the caller picks a number all those kids are out.

Posted by SJ 2 years ago

Is poopdeck the block on the right, quarter deck in the middle, and half deck on the right or does it not matter

Posted by Hikerman66 5 years ago

This sounds like a great ESL activity.

Posted by Andrew Rogers 7 years ago

what if you have a small house i want to play but my house is to small and my party is 7-8pm so it well be dark

Posted by sara 12 years ago

We play this game at my school and church, just a little differently. We don't have decks, and we call it ships and saloirs. Basically the "captian" yells "Ships," and everyone runs to there left. He yells "Saloirs" and everyone runs right. "Back of the Boat," everyone runs backwards."Front of the boat," everyone runs forward. Then the ones where you can get out. There's 5 men pointing north, and eeryone gets in a group of 5 and points north. People without a group after this get out. It continually does this with 4 men eating (4 people sit on the ground and pretend to eat) 3 men rowing (3 people sit on the ground and pretend to row a boat)lovers leap (One person jumps into another persons arms (If the person in the other persons arms feet touch the ground theyre both out) Man overboard(One person lays on the ground while another person puts their foot on person on the grounds back) Then theres hit the deck, where everyone hits the deck. and last but not least beached whale (everyone lies on their stomach, reaching behind them and grabbes their legs) last man standing is the winner.

Posted by Sara 12 years ago
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