Monsters inc. (sully says)

An active, team-building, icebreaker game for junior youth

How To Play Monsters inc. (sully says)

Materials Needed

people, enthusiasm

Works very similar to Simon says or just as a fun way of keeping everyone warm without the sully says element, you could use it as ‘monster training’, ‘monsters university’ there are many ways to play this game so get creative.
Here are the basic moves:
Scary feet - running quietly on the spot/one place to another.
Big scare - as it says.
Little scare - as it says.
Single bed scare - lean over and scare.
Bunk bed scare - reach up scare the top bunk lean down scare bottom.
Top bunk scare.
Bottom bunk scare.
Double bed scare - 2 single bed scares.
Under bed scare - lie on your back and scare.
Closet scare - pretend you’re jumping out of a wardrobe and scare.
Parents coming! - lie down like a smelly sock.

You can also add your own actions and get creative with it.



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on 16 November 2018

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