Egg Roulette

A relaxed food game

How To Play Egg Roulette

Materials Needed


A bit messy but a real laugh.

Get enough eggs so there is one per player. Hard boil them all except one. About 15 minutes in boiling water will be plenty. Put all the eggs in a bowl, including the single egg you did not hard boil.

Now start the game. Everyone picks an egg. You then have the choice of 'switching eggs' where you and someone else switch.

Finally everyone smashes the egg against their forehead - with the inevitable laughter as one person gets a surprise!

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on 11 November 2007


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We did this game, but had enough eggs for everyone and had half raw, half hard-boiled. Means that it's not a problem if say the first person gets the raw egg.

We played this as part of a larger messy-games night (ie had a whole heap of small gamaes, used a scoring system)We split everyone into teams and had the hard boiled egg worth 2 points.

Posted by Samara 16 years ago

Ha ha ha - we just played this game tonight at our youth group. Didn't work as well as expected but was really fun anyway. I think the flaw is that it's easy to tell if you've got the non-hard boiled egg...

but surprisingly enough, I was sitting next to the kid who new they had it, and they STILL smashed it on their forehead. Such good sportsmanship!

Then after he'd done that and everyone else realised, they all picked up their hard boiled eggs and threw them at him while he was still trying to clean himself up. Harsh! ... but funny!

Well worth it IMO

Posted by Shorty 16 years ago
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