Chocolate Bingo

A relaxed food game for small groups

How To Play Chocolate Bingo

Materials Needed

Paper / Bingo Boards

This bingo variation is a perfect game for Easter but could really be adapted for any occasion or topic.

Firstly, come up with a variety of chocolate types or easter egg chocolate types and put them up on a screen or a board so everyone can see. Then hand everyone a blank bingo board (or simply a piece of paper) and a pen.

All the players will start by choosing their favourite chocolate types and writing them on their bingo board in any arrangement they choose. Once everyone is ready - the game can begin!

The game of bingo is standard - read out a randomly selected item and everyone can cross that item off on their board. The winner can be either the first person to get a complete line crossed off or you can even try getting the whole board crossed off if you want a longer game.

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on 26 February 2023

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