Bop It

A memory game for junior youth

How To Play Bop It

Materials Needed

Kids, chairs and a fit leader

I have no idea why this game works, but it does!

Kids are sitting in a circle on chairs. You give them each a word of the memory verse. You 'bop' them on the head and they have to say their word. You bop the next person, they say their word etc. Once you have gotten through the whole verse, they all move one seat to the left. They then have to say the word that the previous person sitting in the chair was saying.

Once they start to get good at it, increase the pace. I got to the point where i was sprinting around the circle. Once you've done a lap, SCREAM 'change!!"...i think the key to this game was being quick and intense. They loved it, were screaming and laughing and what's best, they all knew the verse by the end of the game.

Go figure.

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on 17 September 2008


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Although this game is twelve years since been posted I will try it tomorrow night at youth meeting

Posted by Audrylin 4 years ago

Good icebreakers, I need icebreaker for 30 ladies

Posted by Jennifer Williams 5 years ago

yah...sounds great...i'll try it out this saturday...thanks a lot...

Posted by maricar 11 years ago

This seems like a really FUN game can't wait to try it out with my youth thanks for posting this up! =D

Posted by NunyaBiz 12 years ago


Posted by tito 13 years ago

this sounds awesome!

Posted by familyforce5luvaddict 14 years ago

this is an awsome game well done !!

Posted by julianne 14 years ago

I will try this Sunday in Kids church Thanks

Posted by Danielle 14 years ago

Awww, that sounds really fun!!! Think I'll try it out. :]

Posted by AliensRock 15 years ago

This sounds really fun!

Posted by bob 15 years ago
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