Favorite Things Memory Game

An icebreaker, memory game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Favorite Things Memory Game

Materials Needed


This is a game that helps youth learn each other’s names and favorite things. Who knows? You may end up remembering someone’s favorite food for years on after.

Phase I:
The game starts off with everyone in a circle saying their favorite thing, e.g., food. The first person might say “I’m Mark and my favorite food is pepperoni pizza”. The next person in the circle has to say all of the preceding people’s names and favorite things 12-days of Christmas style, e.g. “Mark likes pepperoni pizza, Natasha likes olives…I’m Stephanie, and I like eggs Benedict”. Once the last person has said everyone’s names and favorite things, as well as their own, the second phase of the game starts.

Phase II:
Get two balls or stuffed animals (preferably something soft to avoid injury!) and give them to two players. On the count of three, the players should toss both balls to someone else in the circle. Whoever catches the ball needs to look for the other person who caught a ball and say their name and favorite thing as fast as possible. Whoever of the two says it first wins that round. Repeat until everyone in the circle has played at least once.

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on 16 September 2023

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