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French Vs English

First off I wanted to say that this is probably one of my all time favourite youth group games....

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This simulation game is a great one to play on a youth camp. It involves a lot of running...

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Human Battleships

One of my favourite things is taking something normal and making it life-size. The game of battleships is great...

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Rescue Relay

Preparation: 1. Tie each life saving device (we used empty cordial bottles) to a separate rope 2. Set out a start...

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Don't Blink

Overview: Time to embrace my inner nerd! This is a game based off a certain British science fiction TV...

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Charlie's Candy

This game is based on the great children's movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." You're going to need a...

wide team-building simulation large-groups camp active outdoors multiple-teams long no-mess under-20-dollars

Alien Invasion

1) Give ten players a glowstick for the game, which they will wear around their wrists. Obviously, the game is...

active camp large-groups night simulation team-building wide play-anywhere multiple-teams standard no-mess under-20-dollars

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