French Vs English

An active, team-building, wide, camp game

How To Play French Vs English

Materials Needed

20 or so items (balls or bowling pins etc)

First off I wanted to say that this is probably one of my all time favourite youth group games. It is one of those games that just involves burning off a lot of energy!

The basic idea is that there are two teams, and three dividing lines (ie. two halves of a playing field). Put an equal amount of the objects behind both baselines.

Each team needs to aim to steal as many of the objects as possible, without getting caught.

To steal an object the player must successfully make it to the other teams baseline without being tagged. Once they are there they can steal 1 object and release 1 captive team-mate (if there are any).

If the player is tagged while on the other teams half of the playing field, they are caught and must wait at the oppositions baseline until they are rescued.

Think that's pretty much it!




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on 28 November 2007


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We had two lines in the middle- “no- mans-land” @ also if a prisoner was tagged trying to get back , he became double-prisoner & could only be escorted back by a successful team- mate. We used blue flags on sticks for English & red for French.

Posted by Brian Verrall 3 years ago


Posted by Bob Smith 4 years ago

Its handy to know that once a person crosses the end line, they have a free passage back to their half. The side with the most cones at the end wins.

Posted by simon 5 years ago

sounds like fun and that it would get more players involved than capture the flag. thanks for posting

Posted by tony 5 years ago

It’s great but I don’t like it because it was just too hard.

Posted by Jayquan 6 years ago

I found that this game is great for getting everyone involved. Capture the flag has always been a favorite, but it seemed like it was always the same people actually capturing the flag usually the very athletic older teens. With this game it seemed to allow everyone to get much more involved. The athletic teens would draw the attention of most of the opposing team and the younger slightly less athletic teens would kind of miander over unnoticed and steal an object. I always ask for feedback after a game and it seemed that it was all positive for this game.

Posted by Andrew 7 years ago

Please enlighten me as I still don't know how to play this can the players be tagged? and when?

Posted by susan 7 years ago

Will definitely be playing this game with a few variations.

Posted by Anonymous 7 years ago

I used to play this as a kid in camp such a fun game!

Posted by Bryscn 7 years ago

Do you have a sample video for this

Posted by James Al 7 years ago

do players go one at a time?

Posted by AJ 7 years ago

This is THE game at Camp We call it "Mugs" Been a camp favorite for decades.

Posted by Bob 8 years ago

I find the comments from actual teens or leaders that have played these games the most helpful! Thanks to those that comment.

Posted by Tara Bergeron 9 years ago

My youth group loved it

Posted by Faith 11 years ago

This is a fun game for youth

Posted by Aleena 11 years ago

Sweet game! I'm definitely trying this one with my youth group tonight

Posted by Craig 12 years ago

cool, this is kind of like capture the flag and stuck in the mud in one game but you don't have a flag and you stay stuck with the opposing team until you get tagged like stuck in the mud...

Posted by irnoham 14 years ago


Posted by wer 14 years ago

We do this all the time with cups, and we call it 'the cup game'.

Posted by Paul 16 years ago

pretty interesting!

Posted by bvh 16 years ago
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