At Home Educational Activities for Preschool

At Home Educational Activities for Preschool Aged Children and Families

Educational games and activities for pre-school aged children in self-isolation, house lockdown and quarantine for coronavirus (COVID-19)

If, like the rest of the world, you're in quarantine or self-isolation at home with your family, your pre-school aged kids might be missing some valuable mental stimulation at kindergaten, pre-school or childcare. We've outlined some helpful suggestions below to fill in the gap. There's a great opportunity to spend good quality time with your children at the same time as you help them learn and discover new things.

Quick Inspiration

  • Read books
  • Get kids to help cook something
  • Make up a simple science project
  • Learn some words in a new language
  • Make paper crafts
  • Write poems
  • Make a book that the child can write and illustrate
  • Plan, design and build a cubby
  • Make a scavenger hunt and learn about the things you find
  • Do puzzles and brain teasers

Body Part Musical Chairs

If your kids are all about learning the names of the different body parts, then this game is perfect for your family. Play some music and give this one a go!

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Pass the Parcel

Pre-school kids usually love pass the parcel, and you could easily make this an educational opportunity by simply adding in a quiz question under each layer they unwrap. If they answer the question correctly, then they get the prize!

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State the Cheese

Make snack time a bit of fun by getting them to eat their slice of cheese into the shape of a state/region in your country, or something completely different like an animal or object. A great way to learn about things or places with interesting shapes.

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