Body Part Musical Chairs

An active music game for junior youth and large groups

How To Play Body Part Musical Chairs

Materials Needed

chairs, music

So I am a sunday school teacher at my church and I have found this youth group game to be both fun and funny!

You have x amount of kids and one less chair. It is basically like musical chairs but using their body parts.

Start the music and let the kids move around for a bit. After a random amount of time, pause the music. When the music stops, yell out a body part (ie. toes) and the kids must put that body part on the chair (instead of just sitting down normally). The last one to do it, will be eliminated along with a chair.

To mix it up a bit, you can call out two body parts.


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on 16 December 2010


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Makes perfect sense to me. Sounds like fun

Posted by Elizabeth 5 years ago

This sounds great going to try it out this Sunday

Posted by Angela 6 years ago

This game will work great for our 4-H club. We have ages from 9 to 17. Great game for all ages. You did good on instructions also. Thanks for the idea on an old game.

Posted by Elida 4-H 6 years ago

Thank you so much for a super duper game very well explained too, we will be working this at the weekend in Drama classes, we have a wide variety of games & exercises but its great to incorporate new material, i know this will work because of the action!🤗i love this so much that we will use it for Junior, Intermediate, & Senior classes, & dont you just love an exercise like this, that works for 4 year olds up to 18 year olds, i do!! well done, keep up your great work!

Posted by Rosalind 6 years ago

This is a fun twist on a classic game. Thank you, I will be trying it with my group tonight.

Posted by Debbie 7 years ago

Great game. Definitely going to try this tomorrow for youth games.

Posted by V 10 years ago

I think the game is that it's musical chairs but once the music stops, the leader will call out a body part. The people still in game will have to put that body part on the chair. E.g. thumb. When it's down to the last two people, two body parts will be called out to make it harder.

Posted by 10 years ago

It makes perfect sense to me...

Posted by adrian 11 years ago

Great game thanks!

Posted by Andy 11 years ago

I am sorry, but I really don't get this. Could you rewrite it please. Thank you.

Posted by L0nd0ner 11 years ago

no you just call the name of the part out

Posted by harry 11 years ago

Your explanation is bad.

Posted by Zoot 11 years ago

Yes that it is right

Posted by Harry 12 years ago

Do they have to put the body part named on the chair?

Posted by Rene 12 years ago
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