Pass the Parcel

A relaxed circle game for junior youth and small groups

How To Play Pass the Parcel

Materials Needed

Wrapping paper or newspaper, small lollies, a gift, music player

Pass the Parcel is a classic kid's party game and can be played on many different occasions - at youth group, at a birthday party or at a holiday kids club.

First up you'll need to a get a gift and wrap it in layers using wrapping paper or newspaper. In each layer place a wrapped lolly of some sort. If you know that there will be a small amount of kids, try to match up the amount of layers to the amount of kids so each kid will get a turn.

To play pass the parcel you'll need to get the kids to sit in a circle facing inwards. Give the parcel to one kid to start with and then turn on the music. When the music is going the kids need to pass the parcel to the next person in the circle. At a random moment, stop the music and the kid who is left with the parcel in their hands can unwrap one layer and receive the lolly for that layer. Repeat this until the present is unwrapped and the last kid receives the present.

You can try to make sure each kid gets a turn so if it stops on someone who has already unwrapped a layer maybe get that kid to pass it onto someone else who hasn't unwrapped a layer yet. Alternatively, you can just hand out some bonus lollies to kids who missed out at the end of the game.



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I remember playing that game for my birthday parties back in the day. Good times.

Posted by Chloe 5 years ago
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