Games to play on zoom

Games to play on zoom

Bring the fun to zoom!

It's 2020 and the entire world has been impacted by the Coronavirus. Catching up face-to-face with friends and family is a thing of the past, at least for the next season of life. At the moment one of the best ways to catchup is via a zoom call...

Kids play dates are on zoom, online learning is on zoom, family dinners are on zoom, work meetings are on zoom - everything is zoom zoom zoom!

So now maybe you're getting a bit zoomed out and need some creative ways to liven up your video calls. We've come up with a few quick game ideas below.

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Zoom features that are useful for playing games

Zoom is a globally used video call and conferencing application. It has a few key features you may not know about which can be great for playing games on Zoom. We've outlined a few below:

Breakout Rooms

With Zoom, you can split your zoom meeting into separate sessions and then bring everyone back together again. This is a very handy feature for playing video call games. If you are playing a game which involves teams, it might require separate team planning sessions or secret team meetings. Or maybe you are zooming with a big group and need to split into smaller group so you can play some games. Why not try a team "make up a song, poem or chant" challenge

Whiteboard Mode

Zoom also allows users to use a whiteboard function to draw and annotate while chatting. This feature is great for playing games on zoom. Games like Pictionary and Mr Squiggle are perfect!

Share Screen

All zoom participants have the ability to share their screen (phone or laptop) on the video chat. If you are running a quiz, or have game instructions to share, this is another very handy feature for playing games via video call.

Chat & Messaging

Zoom video calls also allow all participants to chat while on the call. Users can share text messages, photos or links. This can come in handy when playing charades, articulate or taboo with large groups - the players can guess via chat instead of speaking. Instant messging is also useful for sharing game instructions or relevant links.

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