Games to play on skype

Games to play on skype

Creative games to play on skype calls

Goodbye face-to-face - hello Skype calls! In the age of Coronavirus, Skype is the new way to host kids play dates, to meet as virtual youth groups, to have dinner with family, and to have a drink with your friends.

It's fantastic that we can still see each other and catch up virtually, but it's meaning we're having to get creative with how we use that time. Let's face it - video calls are very different from face-to-face meetups.

Fear not - we've put together a resource of inspiration to liven up your Skype video calls.

Classic games to play on skype

Game ideas for large group Skype calls

View our top recommendations for video call games

Games to play on skype with kids

Games to play on skype for youth groups

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