The Chair Game

An active, icebreaker, circle game for junior youth

How To Play The Chair Game

Materials Needed

Chairs and People

Arrange the chairs in a big circle, everyone to sit on a chair apart from one person, who stands in the middle of the circle.

The person standing in the middle starts the game off by stating something such as: Everyone who ate weetbix for breakfast, then all the people who ate weetbix for breakfast have to get up and swap seats (not in the seat directly on either side of them) and the person who made the statement gets a chance to sit down and hopefully there will be someone different standing who then makes their own statement and cause people to move and then finding a seat.

This is a great game to get to know people. Its always fun with our youth group. Causes lots of laughing and excitement


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on 14 June 2010


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i love this game thx for showing lol

Posted by manib 4 years ago


Posted by ooooooooooo 5 years ago

Great game suggestion and it does not need any supplies!

Posted by Linda Smith 9 years ago

I like your fantastic web site. Just what I was searching for!
Best regards

Posted by interval training 12 years ago
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