Over the Mountain

An active icebreaker no prep game for large groups

How To Play Over the Mountain

Materials Needed

Chairs for every player minus one.

I love this game for getting to know students.

Each player sits in a chair in a circle facing the canter. One player stands in the center to start the game, usually me after I explain it.

Whoever is in the center makes a statement that applies to him or her and follows the format "Over the mountain if you have ever/never ___________________." For instance, I might say "Over the mountain if you have ever peed in a pool." Anyone around the circle who can identify with the statement (anyone who has also peed in a pool) gets up and moves to a new chair. The last one left standing makes the next statement.

This game can reveal some interesting information. Some groups might need to be encourages to keep it appropriate, but it is typically fun and hilarious.

Also, there is no clear end. When time gets short, I usually let everyone know when one round is left.


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on 8 May 2009


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You can also play last one standing says something about them then they are out

Posted by Mc 2 years ago

Over the mountain if you have ever been caught playing with dolls...

Posted by John Bon 8 years ago

I have played this game a tad bit different but the same concept and loved it!!! I highly reccomend this to anymore.

Posted by Madison klino 9 years ago

This is a great game coz u get alot of intresting facts from the youth guys and suprises.....great

Posted by Chane 12 years ago

We have played this with one variation. We called it "Train Wreck". If you can't think of anything to add to the fun just scream "train wreck" and everyone has to get up and move to another chair. Talk about chaos!

Posted by Camp N.A.S.H. 13 years ago

this game souds so awesome and wednesday i am going to play it with my youth group. THANKZ

Posted by Tiana 14 years ago

It's a similar concept to "All Over, Red Rover" - for example I might say "Over the mountain everyone wearing a blue tshirt" - everyone who is wearing a blue tshirt then has to get up and swap seats.

Does this make it simpler?

Posted by Shorty 14 years ago

Could you clarify or explain further how ones moves to a new chair, etc. I do not understand the game fully and what I do understand sounds like fun.

I look forward to your response.


Posted by Darlene 14 years ago

our youth group doesn't really like to play games but when we played this one.... they had such a great time playing I had to stop them from playing and move on to devotions! Thanks for the idea!

Posted by Gayle 14 years ago
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