Never Have I Ever

An icebreaker, circle, no prep game for large groups

How To Play Never Have I Ever

Hold out 5 fingers (well, 4 and your thumb) Go around the circle and one at a time, each person announces something that they have never done, beginning the sentence with the phrase "Never have I ever..." For example, a person could say, "Never have I ever been to Europe." For each statement that is said, all the other players drop a finger if they have done that statement. So, if three other people have been to Europe before, those three people must put down a finger, leaving them with 4 fingers. The goal is to stay in the game the longest (to be the last person with fingers remaining).
To win, it's a good strategy to say statements that most people have done, but you haven't. Be creative and silly (but not rude, of course).


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on 8 July 2008


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This is fun! We've played it where everyone has a little cup of M&M's...if someone says something you've done, you have to eat an M&M. Last person with an M&M left is the winner.

Posted by Andrea 4 years ago

This is really fun!! Great for teenagers.

Posted by Tina 4 years ago

We love this game at the beginning of youth group! The only difference is we all sit in chairs and have to get up and move chairs if you have done it. The person in the middle is the one that says the "Never have I ever . . ." and the one who doesn't get a chair the next time is the new person in the middle. I also like it at the beginning of the year as we learn so much about each other - especially when our pastor plays it seems to be a bonding time for the kids and pastor!

Posted by Kim 6 years ago

Be careful with this game and teenagers--they sometimes play with inappropriate topics. It's also a popular drinking game in college. Someone says "Never have I ever..." and if you've done it you drink.

Posted by Sara 8 years ago

w0w this looks like fun!!

Posted by Shoni 13 years ago

Unlike other icebreakers, this one can work better for a group that knows each other well... groups of strangers will rely on luck.

Posted by Shawn 14 years ago

Ah this game is always a laugh :D. love it! we are going to use this game more often

Posted by Nicole 15 years ago
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