Blow Wind Blow

A relaxed icebreaker no prep game for large groups

How To Play Blow Wind Blow

Materials Needed


For this icebreaker game you'll need to set up your chairs in a circle facing inwards. Make sure there is one less chair than there are players.

Select one player to start off in the middle. They must begin by calling out "Blow wind blow". The rest of the group must respond "blow what?" Then the middle player can say some kind of conditional statement like "everyone with red hair" or "everyone not wearing shoes". All the players that fit into that category must get up and switch chairs with another player. This allows a chance for the middle player to steal a chair also. Once everyone has finished switching as quickly as possible, there will be one player left stuck in the middle. Then the process repeats!

If playing with a larger group it can become difficult for everyone to hear what the person in the middle is saying, so it might be wise to have a cordless microphone or a megaphone to use. Alternatively you could have someone else with a microphone outside of the circle calling the shots out.


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Seriously though this game is so boring, uncensored would have been the only way it would have been interesting enough to play. Whats the point of sensoring a dating sim?
Ragerds:Moses Brodin

Posted by Moses Brodin 4 years ago

it was funny when the person in the middle say "blow wind blow and the one guy say 'blow you away' lol

Posted by lily 5 years ago

Another version of this which I like to do better is "Never have I ever..." The person in the middle has to say something they've never done and everyone who has done it has to switch seats. This way you find out things about people. For example, "Never have I ever been to Canada" or "Never have I ever eaten sushi."

Posted by Elijah 5 years ago

We play this, but we say,"All my friends with..." instead of "Blow"

Posted by George 6 years ago

My high school students love this game!! We called it "Switch Seats" and the person in the center says "Switch Seats!" The students respond "Which should switch?" and then the leader in the center names the quality that will cause the others to move.

Posted by JStone 6 years ago

Think I'll try this tomorrow. Could work even with only 4 kids.

Posted by JanRenae 8 years ago

Dis game was funnd interesting i introduced it on one of our youth gathering nd dey all testified dat it was fun....some one even said as long as u re breathing stand up nd switch seat....its great nd we hope to do more games...

Posted by jerry 8 years ago

This is a gr8 game 4 youths 2 have fun, gonna play dis game wid my youths

Posted by SHAZ 10 years ago

You can also give them groups with the names of the disciples :)

Posted by megz 10 years ago

Also do it by giving everyone a fruit's name as they come in and the person calls out one of the fruit names and when they call out fruit salad everyone swaps chairs :)

Posted by megz 10 years ago

I like this idea very much and I just wrote down he instructions. GRACIAS

Posted by Tamesha 11 years ago

We play this, but the middle person says "switch if", then they state something about themself that is a true statement (switch if you have 2 brothers -etc.) I lead Wyld Life @ a middle school. There is no way I would have a bunch of kids yelling "blow what?"

Posted by Angie 11 years ago

I played this game with my youth group and they just couldn't stop laughing when we yelled "blow what?" -.- the immaturity of our youth these days.

Posted by 11 years ago

Great, never do it before, it will be very fun. Afterwards you can find out more about children here :

Posted by 11 years ago


Posted by Esther 12 years ago


Posted by 12 years ago


Posted by OYO MA 12 years ago

My sunday school class is starting too have a class party and i am going too use this game when i host it at my house! Thanks for the help!

Posted by Alex 13 years ago

I've played this game before in Group Sessions. Instead of saying "Blow Wind Blow" we would say "Any which way the wind blows" Then we would ask a question. It's a really fun game! I enjoyed the game and so did the children.

Posted by Ashley 13 years ago


Posted by NERISSA 13 years ago

this game is sooooo can be played for bonding camps

Posted by sharon 14 years ago

sturdy chairs are a must! this is such a fun game!

Posted by anon 14 years ago

this is a great game and so much fun!

Posted by Liz 15 years ago

This is a really great way to split people up into teams/groups...

We do it at large camps quite a bit, except for the last call we say "all the leaders'- so you have all the leaders standing in the middle...

You then go around the circle and number the kids of- eg all number ones are one group, number twos another etc...

Makes it very difficult for the kids to pick groups/teams with all their friends in it...

Posted by Samara 16 years ago
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