Shoe Wars

An active team-building duel game

How To Play Shoe Wars

Materials Needed


This game is really simple and so much fun. You divide the room with some kind of dividers. You should not be able to see the other side of the room if you are sitting on the floor of the other side.

Next you divide the teams into two. One team goes on each side. They all take of their shoes. Then the aim is to throw your shoe over the wall and hit the other team. If you get hit then you are out (you have to have refs to monitor whos in or out). If you catch a shoe then the player who threw it is out. The aim is to be the last team with people still in.

We don't let really hard shoes be played with, and sometimes we will use other objects. But the shoes always are the most fun, and surprisingly no one has ever gotten hurt and I play this game heaps.


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on 13 May 2010


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it was horrible, one kid went to the hospital

Posted by missy 11 years ago

This sounds incredibly dangerous and incredibly fake.

Posted by Jon M 11 years ago

some kid got hit in the face

Posted by Leah 11 years ago
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