Shoe Kick

An active duel camp game for large groups

How To Play Shoe Kick

Materials Needed


Basically, all students stand in one straight row. According to if they are right or left handed, that's the shoe they'll slip off a bit.

Example: Keira is right handed. So Keira will slip off her right shoe a bit.
One of the teachers will say '1...2...3...GO!'
When the teacher says 'GO!' all the students will step forward a bit and kick off their 'slipped off a bit' shoe.
The student with the shoe kick that's farthest wins.

Additional Rules:
- Make sure students kick their shoe straight forward, so it doesn't land on a roof.
- Also, make sure students don't kick their shoe at another student 'on-purpose'.


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on 5 August 2013


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We played this game replicating golf. Instead of a golf ball, they kicked their shoes. The kids LOVED it!

Posted by mark 8 years ago

I did the same thing with the target, and put it on the floor on the other side of the room. The kids loved it. Such a simple, but effective game.

Posted by Jim McIntyre 10 years ago

Instead of going for distance, try accuracy. draw a 450mm approx circle on the ground with chalk, and from about 4m+ away the kids need to try to land their shoe COMPLETELY in the circle. If no-one can do this, the winner is the person who can have the largest amount of their shoe in. Shoes bounce unpredictably. Have a leader judge and throw the shoes back. Best if people go one at a time!

Posted by John Cooper 10 years ago
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