Mr Squiggle

A duel artistic game for junior youth

How To Play Mr Squiggle

Materials Needed

You will need a BIG nikko (permanent marker), a dust mask and butchers paper.

This is a rip off of the old TV show Mr. Squiggle. We used this activity as the finale game of a Pictionary Night.

Preparing the mask:
Before the game, you need to prepare the Mr. Squiggle mask. Cut the centre of the dusk mask out, just big enough for the nikko. Then place the nikko in and tape it in place.

Preparing the paper:
Draw, with a different coloured nikko, some random dots, lines and shapes on the butchers paper (just like the ones on the show).

The Game:
Each contestant wears one of the masks and has to draw on the paper. It is very amusing to watch and the kids from our youth group loved it.

We found it hard to draw because it was to flimsy, so we put the nikko lid on the end of the nikko, which went into the contestants' mouthes. We then washed the nikko lid in warm soapy water after each round.

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A. Frew
on 26 August 2009


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Nvm. nikko = permanent marker and dusk mask = dust mask. Thanks. :)

Posted by PT 7 years ago

I'm assuming a dusk mask is a dust mask and a nikko is a baby pacifier. Is that correct?

Posted by PT 7 years ago

Mr squiggle is awesome I love the game

Posted by Anonymous 7 years ago

hi mr squiggle how are you today
love leah dixon

Posted by anon 12 years ago
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