Top Ten Video Call Games for Virtual Youth Groups
Top Ten Video Call Games for Virtual Youth Groups

Top Ten Video Call Games for Virtual Youth Groups

Youth groups that are meeting virtually via video calls and zoom meetups may need some inspiration to keep the games fresh. We've put together our top ten games for youth groups meeting online - valuing creativity, simplicity and fun factor!

We've listed a few honourable mentions off the top as there are some great "classic" favourites that didn't quite make the cut.

Also, it's definitely worth ensuring you check out our top tips for playing games on video calls before you give these a crack.

Honourable mentions:
Pictionary, Charades, Articulate, Taboo

10. Quiz

A quiz is a perfect way to entertain a large youth group on a zoom call. It works really well because one person can lead the call and the rest of the people involved will be able to take their time and answer the questions in response. It can also provide some good opportunities for different people to read out answers or maybe have a laugh about a question.

9. True or False

This quick video call ice breaker game is often at quiz nights. True or false is an especially easy game to play with large groups on zoom or skype. The leader will read out a "true or false" statement and everyone else on the video call must lock in whether they think it's true or false. They signal a true statement by placing their hands on their heads, and a false statement by placing their hands on their bottom. Once the answer is revealed, players who get it wrong are eliminated!

8. Colour Chase

The perfect icebreaker game for a virtual youth group meeting. The leader must name a colour and then all the players must race to find something in their room (or house) that is that colour. The first one to bring a colour object back to the video call is the winner. You can introduce different rules to keep it interesting - like a combination of colours or like another feature to the object (small, long etc).

7. Would You Rather?

Another easy virtual ice breaker game! Come up with a selection of "either or" questions to ask your youth kids to find out "what they'd rather". You can ask kids to answer individually (for smaller groups) or to vote using a hand signal (for larger groups). The questions can be simple, silly and funny. Here are some examples:

Would you rather eat apples or bananas?
Would you rather be a elephant or a giraffe?
Would you rather live in a tree or a cave?
Would you rather drive a train or sail a boat?
Would you rather have to wear socks on your ears or pants on your head?

6. Creation Challenge

You'll firstly need to ensure all of the youth kids playing the game on the video call have access to the same resources. The building resources could be lego, play dough, cardboard, straws or simply paper.

To start the challenge - clearly explain what the creation challenge is. This could be "build the best lego vehicle" or "create the best play dough monster" - whatever you want really. Then give the group 5-10 minutes to carry out the activity and then compare and share the results.

5. Read My Lips

Take it in turns putting your video call on mute and speak a phrase, with your mouth clearly in view, and see if the other person can guess what you're saying by reading your lips. Make the game extra funny by reading out silly or funny phrases that may not make complete sense.

4. Human What's Missing?

This is a great video call get to know you game or icebreaker. We like it because it's a visual game that teaches kids to focus on one another. Kids must spot what's different about each other after they secretly, and subtly, change something about their appearance.

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3. Category Chaos

Perhaps the perfect video call game as it doesn't require too much quick back and forth talking or action. It gives individual players an opportunity to shine and use their brain. Essentially - each roudn players must write down something for each selected category that starts with a certain randomised letter. Once the time is up, they'll get points for writing down a unique word rather than a word that others have also written.

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2. Animal Noise Game

While it's almost guaranteed to result in a very chaotic video call, the Animal Noise Game can be a lot of silly fun for everyone. Kids must come up with a distinct animal noise and physical action. Then one person starts by doing their own animal noise and action and then passess it to someone else by doing their animal noise and action. It continues on like this and can get faster and faster! If you make a mistake, you're out.

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1. Secret Dancer

Our number one video call game for virtual youth groups is Secret Dancer. This perfectly utilises the grid of people you'll see on a zoom or skype call, as well as getting the youth kids doing something a bit silly. One player must guess which player is the secret dance leader. Read the full rules to find our more.

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