Rock Paper Anything

An active, icebreaker, duel game for large groups

How To Play Rock Paper Anything

This game could work really well as an "up the front duel" type of game or as an "all on all icebreaker" type game.

Basically two kids face off in a game of rock paper scissors but instead of using a normal symbol, they can say anything. For example - paper, rock, dragon! Or paper, rock, cannonball! Or paper, rock, pikachu! Then the two players would have to work out which call beats which. And that's where it gets interesting. Obviously there might not be any definitive answers, but players will have fun working it out as they go. If you're playing this as a mixer, then get some leaders to walk around and be judges so if there are unsolvable disputes then they can make an official ruling, or tell players to move on. If you are playing as an up the front duel then get each player to present their case for why their call would win and then make an official ruling based on that.

Probably isn't going to work for a massive group if you play it as a mixer - might end up being too chaotic!


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on 31 May 2013

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