Secret Dancer

An active music no prep game

How To Play Secret Dancer

A fun group game, sure to provide a whole lot of laughs. Might be suitable for a disco night at your youth group!

Set up the group to stand in a circle, and choose one player to be the detective. Send the detective outside.

When the detective has left the room, choose a player to be the "secret dancer". They will need to pick a dance move and everyone will then start copying them.

When everyone is dancing, the detective is called back into the room and has three guesses to choose who to original dancer is.

To make things interesting, the secret dancer then needs to change dance move, and everyone needs to change with them. This allows the detective to discover the secret dancer.



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on 7 September 2011


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i remember i had a lot of fun playing it with my friends when i used to be the detective i used to find the secret dancer and win a point and used to have too much fun when i used to be the secret dancer

Posted by sudikshya panigrahi 3 years ago

In 4th grade I played this with my music teacher and classmates. Fun!

Posted by Michelle 4 years ago

I like it

Posted by Aaron 5 years ago

Loving this one. Was asked to come up with ideas for today's session at church and this one we trying out.

Posted by Mike Mazzy 5 years ago

Sounds very fun, might try it with my tutorial group

Posted by Rosie 6 years ago

I played this SOOO much with my fam! ❤️❤️❤️

Posted by Luna 6 years ago

We play a version of this where all the children sit in the circle and pass a bunch of keys behind their backs and the detective has to find them

Posted by Squeaky Donut 6 years ago

Kewl 😎

Posted by Boby 6 years ago

it sounds fun!!!

Posted by tebi 6 years ago

i am going to try it this weekend here in Argentina with our youth group.

Posted by tebi 6 years ago

ive played this exact game but we did it like this so theres a person in a different room and they change something thats on them then when they are ready they come back into the other room and people try to guess whats wrong about them. you should try that too

Posted by Lauren 6 years ago

it was soon fun to play if you are bored

Posted by hhhhhhhhh 6 years ago

This game is going to thrill my family and friends

Posted by Sam 6 years ago

We played this exact same game in music class but we had to do rythams instead of dance, we call the game beat detective.

Posted by Emily 7 years ago

Love this playing this with our youth ministry TODAY!!!!!

Posted by Anthony Cotton 7 years ago

i love this one! sounds fun fun fun!!

Posted by darwin 11 years ago
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